Benita Johnson – Stars & Fireflies

When I saw that I had a CD by Benita Johnson to review I was dead happy! I’ve seen Benita play several times and always thoroughly enjoy her sets. As a result I had high hopes for this CD. Unfortunately the CD doesn’t do Benita justice.

In all honesty it’s a shame because Benita truly is a talent to be reckoned with. Track 2 Firefly is my favourite of her tracks, it’s beautiful and impossible to fault but the recorded version doesn’t have that “je ne se quoi” the live version does. All That Glitters is a beautiful track that I can imagine a full band playing behind the great lyrics would turn this into the kind of track that gets airplay an artist like this needs to start pulling in big audiences…and she is more than capable of this!

In all honesty though, Benita Johnson’s music is sublime, her lyrics are beautiful and her playing is fantastic. If you’ve not heard her play before I’d recommend the CD as an introduction to her music…but do better and see her play live, or if you happen to be a producer who values talent get her in the studio and turn this acoustic showcase into one of the best CDs this year, it really wouldn’t take much!


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