Clumsy – Gig @ Mr Wolf’s – 17 March 2007

This is the first time I’ve been to Mr Wolf’s for a gig, I’m normally one of those pop in at lunch times to grab some of their great noodles type person! Knowing that Clumsy were playing gave me good reason to head down and experience my first Mr Wolf’s gig.

Clumsy were performing with their full brass section which is a rare treat, and also gives them a much more wholesome sound live. This was proven during Fruitless when Sophie did a great Sax solo.

The crowd loved them and their cover of Ain’t No Sunshine went down great guns with the crowd who were dancing and singing along, having caught the Clumsy bug during Bothered.

The usual Siggy and Patch banter between songs kept the crowd interested, even when Joel’s intense playing saw a broken string or two, no momentum was lost in this gig and with songs like Artibella and the closing cover All The Way Home to keep the crowd hooked and dancing there really was nothing negative to say about this gig….even I caved in and ended up dancing for a couple of the songs!

I have to give a special mention to Gecko who were headlining at the gig. A German band mid-way through a UK tour they were a contrast to Clumsy being much more Rock/Pop. The already happy crowd danced through their set and even called them back on for an encore. Worth keeping an eye out for these guys in future.

All round a great gig, lots of great music, laughs and dancing, and the sound quality in Mr Wolf’s is surprisingly good! I’ll definitely be making it one of my regular places now! I’d have to recommend to anybody whatever their musical tastes to check out Clumsy live…I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy their offerings.

Published: Bristol Rocks


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