Decoys Limited edition CD

The first thing that struck me when I listened to this CD was how Oasis-like the sound was. The sound is raw like early-Oasis, although the production on the CD is left wanting a little something extra, I didn’t feel it was quite up to scratch, hopefully this is something that will be remedied on their next effort! The CD cover has been kept simple with a photo of the band and the text in white font, they have added a nice touch of saying which number of the 100 CDs it is though, nice to see on a limited edition.

The first song Work No More has an upbeat feel to it, something tells me this song came from their own frustrations at having to work a ‘normal’ job when they really wanted to be making money from the music! Destiny is a song with simple vocals and music that ends with a good guitar solo. Get It Together is for me the most ‘Oasis’ sounding of them all, it’s a great song, but I get this feeling of déjà vu throughout most of it.

The country style opening to Not Good Enough is surprisingly catchy and leads into what is actually a slower song but one that I really like. The lyrics fit nicely and the musical arrangement is simple but works perfectly making this the best of all of the songs on this CD. The Truth Hurts is just that….the truth. Hard hitting lyrics that make me think I wouldn’t want to be the person who inspired them! A great song though and some nice sounds from the guitars!

Reflex is quick, simple and to the point, this would be a crowd pleaser live with lots of jolly guitar rifts and the upbeat tempo of the tune. I really like My Way it’s a good song with good lyrics that is enjoyable to listen to and a good choice for finishing the CD.

There are a few things that stop this CD from being very good for me, the production isn’t great, the songs are just a bit too short…an extra 30sec on a couple of songs would make the world of difference and the sound is so Oasis, you could be mistaken for thinking they were also a tribute band.

Decoys are a band who have the beginnings of something good, they’ve got a singer with a great voice, some great musicians and certainly gel well together. My feeling is that they are a little too influenced at the moment and need to work on their own sound, but there is no doubt that they are talented given some more time and work they’ll figure out who they are and start producing some fantastic music!

Published: Bristol Rocks


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