Jacanda – Back To The Sky

I find it hard to believe that Jacanda have only formed 13 months ago. The quality of songs on this CD is just amazing for a band formed for such a short time. There is very little I can say about the album other than beautiful. It’s full of beautiful songs, beautiful musical arrangements and beautiful saxophone playing!

I would recommend paying particular attention to Ghost of a Smile the albums opening song reminds me of the Counting Crows more melodic songs, and it has one of the best saxophone solo’s I’ve heard for a long time. Treading Water is another track that grabs your attention from the beginning, without the need to be loud and intrusive. The lyrics are beautiful and full of emotion that seeps out of every note sung and every chord played.

Spin The Wheel is a very catchy song, with definite beats and more great lyrics that’ll have you singing along in no time! You get the same sort of sound from Roundabout although I have to say there’s a bit of a Placebo feel to this song but it works, and has made me want to find some acoustic Placebo recordings!

That’s just a snippet of the 10 songs on the album, I really can’t praise it enough though, if you like good lyrics, great arrangements and appreciate quality acoustic recordings then you’ll love this album!


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