JinxRemover – ‘Spitfire’

This is the second album from Jinxremover. A band that were previously known under the guise of Airbus. The CD cover is professional as is the recording and the whole thing smacks of a band who are pushing themselves onwards and upwards.

The album starts with some great guitar riffs on Intro To Nothing, making it clear that this is going to be an album of rock! I’m Not Afraid is a classic rock song that is full of guitar solo’s and stomping lyrics. Next up continuing with this classic rock sound comes a song with great vocals and a catchy guitar solo in the bridge – Traitor definitely a song to rock to.

In A Mess is a great song with a beat that works hard and lyrics that remind me of something from the likes of AC/DC. Next up is a song that continues the vibe of classic rock, Enemy has some catchy vocals that work through to a guitar solo which finishes the song off nicely.

Things slow down a bit with Aeroplane which is a pretty ambient song with simple but successful harmonies. Hot Los Angeles continues the more ambient feel although a little more fast-paced, this is quite a raw sounding song and the rawness works for it and this then rolls into Control Yourself which leads into the amazing guitar intro of Killing Me which picks the pace back up to full throttle.

I Am Free slows the pace down again and is a beautifully melodic song that you soon find yourself singing along to. Telling Lies starts to pick the pace back up a bit, but not too much, you get the feeling you’re being led into something big as you approach the end of the CD and Screener gives you just that, with a catchy beat, great guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. The album finishes with title track Spitfire which is just what has been promised all the way through, a real good and proper rock piece with the potential to cause some crowd moshing pleasure at a live gig!

Jinxremover are offering their listeners a step back in time with this album. All the time I was listening to it I could hear influences from the likes of AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin…all the classics. If you like them you’re going to love this!

Published: Bristol Rocks


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