Lastwind – Monster Trucks

Lastwind is essentially a one man band. He works mainly on musical samples for TV adverts and the like and with other bands/artists either on their tracks or developing his own. The CD up for review is Monster Trucks.

This isn’t the normal run of the mill CD I’d expect. Initially the artwork gave me the impression of something along the lines of Slipknot or Murderdolls. On playing it, I was presented with five tracks all continuing the Monster Trucks theme throughout. All very similar, yet different, with smooth movement between each track.

How to describe the music is not easy. If forced to ‘label’ it I would say dance but this is much too narrow a label. The basis of the music is psychedelic dance but throughout the tracks there are overtones of chill-out, rock, hip-hop and electronica, making this truly all-round fusion.

The music is well arranged and playing a CD which follows through in almost a story style is a new and interesting experience for someone who is very used to listening to CDs full of separate songs. The music isn’t vocal other than the odd voice sample here and there so is totally reliant on the music to make it work.

This is a very well produced and performed CD and demonstrates an artist who really knows his business.

Published: Bristol Rocks


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