Metamorphis CD Review

Metamorphis are a band from Clevedon, despite their tender ages they’ve already been together 4 years first forming when they were only 11 and joining comprehensive school. They’ve worked hard on putting this self-titled CD together and it shows. The artwork is well-designed and looks extremely professional, and I felt that it really reflects the tone of the CD throughout.

There are ten tracks on this CD and they’re well written tracks that are reminiscent of the likes of Radiohead and Beck. My only reservation with the CD was the feeling I was hearing the same song again. The first few songs on the CD are very similar to each other, maybe had they not been put on the CD together I wouldn’t have noticed but running succinct the similarities stands out.

There are a few songs I particularly feel warrant a special mention the first is ‘doG’ a song with a catchy, well played base-line and drum-beat. ‘Don’t Let Them Get Your Brains’ is a funky tune, with some brilliant and thought-provoking lyrics. Finally I have to mention a beautiful sung ballad called ‘Rain’ which closes what is overall an enjoyable listening experience.

The CD is well-produced and glimmers of promise from this band that has many more years ahead of them!

Published: Bristol Rocks


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