Panic Number CD Review – From the Low

Panic Number formed about a year ago previously having been seen in a different carnation known as Submatrix. From The Low is their debut album and the band have engineered, produced and mixed the whole thing themselves…and quite impressively too.

The album starts with the very electric sounding Stay. A piece of music which sounds like a lot of electro-rock samples brought together in one piece. A risky thing to do but it works and it leaves you wanting to hear more of the album.

Following nicely on from there is The Pinnacle this is a song with a prominent drum beat and great guitar rifts that keep your toe tapping. Lights and Young Warrior are both up tempo songs with inventive mixing that adds another level to the music and stops it Panic Number sounding like a lot of other bands.

Things slow down a bit for The Race, with impressive lyrics and vocals over another catchy arrangement. Feeling Involved is an ambient song with an intense bass line and Give It To Me is much more vocally prominent that the others with vocal effects that stand out and work well with the music.

Time continues with the vocal ambience before things slow down some more to close out the album with The Day. The lyrics are well thought out and blend with the musical arrangement well.

This is a great album that brings an electro-style Oasis to mind. It’s different enough to stand out as original and indie enough to have wide appeal.

Published: Bristol Rocks


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