Phil King & Julia Biel at The Fleece

Julia Biel made a trip out of London to come do this gig at The Fleece. Julia won the Perrier Vocalist of the Year Award in 2000 and her reputation definitely preceded her to Bristol for being an act not to miss. Her sound is one of mixed genre’s a gritty soul voice put against soft jazz sounds produce an eclectic mix of sounds that fell upon a silent crowd. She brought along a drummer as well as double bass and viola players. Julia herself swapped between a more full sound on the keyboard and a more acoustic sound on the guitar which just added to the mix of sounds coming from this set. The sound the Fleece crowd were treated to was beautiful, soothing, and completely laid back!

Phil King was headlining and despite being a regular at gigs I’ve managed to miss this guy, who judging by the number of people turning up saying they wanted to see him, is pretty popular! His flier had a quote saying he was the next Bill Withers on it and from what little I heard just during sound-check I was inclined to agree. A strong soul voice tied in with acoustic guitar and jazz style to the music was just enhanced by the band he had behind him. Phil demanded attention; his stage presence was resounding without the need for lots of talking or loud sounds. His set was chilled out and soulful with some striking sounds and a touch of genius in the song writing. His popularity among the crowd stood out as he got great applause after each and every song, a different crowd for the Fleece but one who enjoyed their entertainment to the max.

Published: DV8 Bristol (June)


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