Sahara Hotnights – What Is Leaving Is A Loving Thing

The fourth album from Swedish band Sahara Hotnights is a mix of genres, a melodic, tantalising taste of what this band is capable of. They’ve not written for a certain audience, or with a certain genre in mind but mixed and matched with what their song writing can give them. Visit To Vienna opens the album with a classic pop-rock melody that sets the scene for the rest of the album, the song builds up to a strong rock finish. The Loneliest City of All is a lyrical song that moves the listener into a place reserved just for well-written songs like these.

Salty Lips is an upbeat concoction of genres with some country, pop and rock thrown in for good measure, what you get is a cocktail of fun and a song to dance to. Neon Lights continues this trend of upbeat, fun music. The lyrics continue to be well-written and musical arrangements completely work with the vocals. No For An Answer has an intro many 80’s bands would have been proud of and the lyrics are playful and ditty-like throughout.

Cheek To Cheek was the first single released from this album and is totally different from all of the other songs on the album. It’s much more pop with a bit of dance and not much rock at all. Saying that though it’s a great song and straight away stands out from all of the others as a commercial success story waiting to happen, it’s no wonder it was chosen to be the first release!

A simple guitar intro, followed by some drums and then a saxophone before the vocals kick in makes Getting Away With Murder a song to listen to. Puppy is a song that uses the life of a dog to describe a relationship…clever, fun and catchy!

Static is a beautiful pop/rock song that’s more like the sort of music associated with Sahara Hotnights. Reminiscent of the type of rock that Blondie were producing in the 80’s puts this band up as one who knows what it wants to get out of its music. The album comes to a close with a beautiful ballad If Anyone Matters It’s You the lyrics are suspenseful and well-written, a good choice of song to close the album with, leaving a resonating feeling that this is an album that will be listened to multiple times.

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