The Brent Flood – EP

This self-titled EP is a great introduction to this


based indie-rock band. From the opening lyrics of Heavy Petting through to the closing lyrics of Beverley the addictive voice of lead singer Jay Marsh keeps you wanting more.

Heavy Petting is just one of those songs that everybody is going to love. If this song doesn’t get airplay then I don’t know what will. With quality lyrics and a catchy beat you just need more of this song.

Burn isn’t far behind Heavy Petting in the ‘going to be loved’ stakes and is made so enjoyable by the fantastic musical arrangement and wonderful guitar solo which I keep listening to over and over.

Lifebelt and Digging Holes are a bit middle road compared to the other songs, they don’t quite have the kick that makes the others so amazing and catchy…however they still hold something special in the well-penned lyrics and are certainly worthy of their turn on the playlist.

The final track on the EP is Beverley which sees us return to the outstanding quality of song-writing we experience in the first tracks on the CD. Another catchy song with great music and lyrics, Beverley just reinforces to me that this is a band capable of going places.


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