The Phonemes – There’s Something We’ve Been Meaning To Do

Hailing from Toronto and full of acoustic harmonies and beautiful sounds The Phonemes have released this album, their first full-length CD, There’s Something We’ve Been Meaning To Do. The album is reminiscent of an indie film soundtrack. The Phonemes have produced an album which enchants and ensnares it’s listener.

“Oh I met a man, who thought he was a tree…” these are the vocals that open the first song Tree, the listener can’t help but be fascinated by what is to come with this CD. The song is almost completely vocal with some simple guitar tabs behind and filling the spaces. Almost merging into this song is Pain Perdu a beautiful song with inventive lyrics and melodic harmonies. Easter Suit is song full of protestation and savvy a’capella breaks.

Wedding Suits is a song-come-documentary! It’s descriptive and yet done so elegantly that it is a pure pleasure to listen to. The elegance continues on to Snow Shoes which has bewitching use of music with haunting lyrics. Municipality has a captivating feel to it which sends the mind on a journey of sound. Kim Rogers opens with some quite harsh vocals which are contrasted with the soft vocals of the last few songs, it works well and sounds splendid.

Lewis is much more instrumental than any of the other songs so far, it has a quite latino feel that sparks images of dancers and small traditional Spanish bands. Pine Needles is a rhythmical return to the acoustic sound of the rest of the album and leads nicely into Plate Dance is a bi-lingual offering with some of the song in French it really is simply angelic. The album is closed on Oh Sleep which has an alluring pull to it and more vocals and harmonies that fit the sound of this album perfectly.

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