Album Review: UTM – Mutagenesis

MutagenesisBetter known as Ultimate Trigger Mechanism this is a band who really knows what they want from their music. With three years under their belts and a new fifth member to the band they’re growing, improving and have now recorded a new CD. Mutagenesis is a good example of what they have to offer and the artwork is outstanding and professional looking. The quality of the recording speaks for itself; this is a band who intended to do things properly!

Centro-Sphere starts with the heavy, repetitive, demanding guitar riffs and the deep, massive shouts that we come to associate with this death metal genre. It’s an introduction that will sort out the faint-hearted from those who will love every second of this onslaught. Built for the Kill barely gives you time to breath before the lyrics take over building up to some amazing riffs and beats that had me head rocking on every listen. Some excellent guitar playing near the end of the track leaves me wondering how this band hasn’t made it big yet.

Amid Ever More Chaos starts off with some high pitched guitar riffs that soon go back to the low pitched riffs and accompanying shouts, much more thrash death metal than the first two this song speeds up to a quick sudden end. Auditory Context continues the thrash feel of its predecessor and keeps the speed that it built up. Again, great guitar riffs and expert playing really make the track and help it build to a sudden climax.

The Suffering was the least impressive of the tracks, the same sort of formula was used in the composition of this track but I just couldn’t connect with it, it was missing the hook that for me makes the other tracks really work together well.

Mechanism of the Flesh is an outstanding track, with plenty of chug and squeal from the guitar, super quick drumming and great vocal shouts this is a fully intensive track that doesn’t give you time to breathe…I would love to see a mosh pit in action to this track!

This is not a CD that is going to be everybody’s cup of tea. It’s a pretty specialised area of music but those people who like this type of music….and they know who they are! Will truly appreciate what UTM have offered up.

Published: Bristol Rocks


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