Bloody Tourists – KINK

Bloody Tourists are a Bath based band who formed in 2005 and aside from being signed a year later are making waves in Europe and the States. KINK is their debut album and is completely what you’d expect from a band with record company and promoter backing.

They describe themselves on MySpace as Pop Punk and I think that quite nicely covers their sound. Opening with the punky guitar riffs of Up The Dosage the album gets off to a good start. Gram And A Half has a punchy sound and great arrangement. Next up is a song that lives up to its name Funland is a factual, fun song about an arcade owner named Steven with a V!

Ordinary Girl is a simple song that doesn’t have the most original lyrics but the music is really good and you can’t help but enjoying it! Human Race reminds me of the more Pop-Punk that was about in the 80’s, it’s quite fun but has definite punk undertones.

Song For The Divorced slows the pace down and is an enjoyable piece with great lyrics. My Idiot Friend picks the tempo back up slightly and will probably remind us all of somebody! It’s another song with great punk riffs and the lyrics fit perfectly. Tat Shop Sugar is quite similar to Human Race in it’s sound, quite biographical in sound it’s another song that works well.

When the opening lyrics of a song are “this alcoholic gene pool from which I have spawned” you know it’s one to listen to! The lyrics get better and are just not what you’d expect from a song called Pop Song. Ten Percenter has some of the best drumming on the album and is one that you get lost in.

The penultimate song is Teenage Adrenalin a pretty socially responsible song, with lyrics to be listened to. Finally comes Shanghai Low a slower pace and a more oriental guitar sound open the song which soon builds into the sound you’ve become accustomed to listening to this album.

My opinion is if you like PJ Harvey and The Pixies then you’re probably going to like the sound this album has to offer, this is a band to look out for by all accounts and I can certainly see why.

Published: Bristol Rocks (June 2007)


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