Alfie Kingston – Creatures & People’s Ways

Alfie Kingston is one of the names that is well known on the Bristol music scene, most who know Alfie know his passion for music, especially his own! Alfie’s debut album Creatures & People’s Ways is about to be released on iTunes not only here in the UK but also in the good ol’ USA!
I start my review as I do with all reviews…I press play! Straight away getting hit with an Indian feeling rhythm that leads into some rock beats that are much more what you would expect. The two harmonise and work together throughout the song Speak a While. Next up is So Don’t Disappear, another catchy opening and some captivating lyrics that I challenge you not to tap your foot to!
It’s Easy slows down the pace a bit to give us a beautiful song with haunting melodies and heart-felt lyrics….”it’s hard to be that better man, in this place and time”. Comfortably placed as the fourth song in the pack Sometimes picks up the pace a bit but is another song that has heart and soul stamped all over it.
A harmony full of bass opens Miracle Man with its echoed lyrics and superb harmonies. I love the arrangement to this song with its subtle use of strings; it is a song to get lost in…just close your eyes and listen.
Song six is the one that you’ll hit repeat on it, I absolutely guarantee it! She’s Scary is a fantastic song. It’s got a hook in the opening few seconds that lead into a beautiful sounding acoustic guitar piece. The vocals are top notch and the lyrics are divine! If you only wanted one reason to own this album…this is it! The fact the other songs are brilliant too is just a bonus!
I Will Wait starts out with a very one man and his guitar acoustic feel and moves into a much more full rock sound. You hear it developing and get caught up in the music and the vocals, as if Alfie were in the room with you. Regard Me 14 Days is has a masterful electric guitar opening and has some dynamic lyrics that are really heart-warming.
Some songs give you the feeling that you are getting a glimpse into the artists mind and thoughts. I get that feeling with The Distance it’s an alluring song both lyrically and musically and starts to make you sorry that there is only one song left on this superb album. The song that’s given the job of closing the album is This I’ll Shame it’s a slow, melodic piece that demonstrates Alfie’s voice splendidly. This is a voice that needs to be heard and this song really gives him that opportunity.
Overall, it’s refreshing to hear an album by a solo artist that has absolutely no covers on it. Alfie Kingston is a talented song-writer and his hard work in getting this album produced to a high standard shines out of each and every song. I have no doubt that the US audience will pick up on this talent as they have with the likes of Pete Yorn and Howie Day.
Creatures & People’s Things is released on Monday 3 December on iTunes in the UK and USA. For more about Alfie Kingston visit: or

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