Run and Hide EP – The Goodness

The Goodness are one of the bands who have grown out of Remix, the Council’s scheme to encourage young musicians. They’re part of this year’s Teenage Rampage Tour which means that someone out there likes them, this annual tour tends to have what is considered the crème de la crème of young bands touring to build attention among the single buying posse, being kids their own age!

The EP starts with Lights On and I could swear I’m listening to Morrissey for two reasons the style of the song is similar to that of the old Smiths tunes and the other being that the lead singer of this band is from a whole new generation and has a voice that is very much like Morrissey’s.

Despite the similarities with The Smith and Morrissey Smallest Things the next song on the EP brings things back to 2007. The music and lyrics is reminiscent of modern indie rock bands. Well written, well performed and very polished. Long Walk Home has a very nice piano opening with some great tunes over the piano and breaks into a more upbeat rock melody. I like the song and it’s tempo, I’m a little put off at the a cappella section which has some harmony that I’m not convince by, however it’s still a good song.

The title song Run and Hide sounds to me something like Razorlight might sing, with a bit of a punk feel to the backing vocals. It’s a good mix of different types of music and the vocals are strong and steady. Save Yourself finishes the EP off and I like the sound and the vocals, I’m a little concerned at a few notes that it just sounds a struggle for the lead singer to have reached, had the sound not been so polished and a little more gritty then I probably wouldn’t have noticed it.

This is a good EP, from a band who have obviously got a lot of talent, I think it’s a little over-produced in places…more pop than rock. It needs a bit more grit, to not be quite so perfect sounding! Overall though if you like a lot of the indie sounds that are around at the moment then this is well worth a listen…similarly if you have a thing for Morrissey’s voice, then look no further for a new yet similar voice!

Published: Bristol Rocks (November 2007)


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