Transition – Three Bridges

Transition is a three-piece band based in Bristol, already popular in Asia. Three Bridges is their second album (they also have a third acoustic album available on limited edition).

The CD has a great sound, is really catchy and good upbeat pop-rock. They cite U2 as one of their influences on their MySpace page and this is reflected in the music, although they are, quite refreshingly, not a sound-a-like.

Openhanded opens the album and proves to be well-written, well-performed, well-recorded example of a good song. With a catchy chorus that could grant entry into the popular music domain. I’m starting to see why these guys are so successful in Asia. Jericho continues the upbeat model this CD promotes, I particularly like the guitar breaks in this song and the drumming is superb.

Next up is Moving Pictures which slows the pace down and is much more vocal than the first two songs. All That I is a bit more upbeat, but again very focused on the vocals, which are brilliant and again, well recorded. Sky Will Fall has quite a haunting feel to it, the lyrics are beautifully written and the instrumental accompaniment has been well thought-out and is not over-done. This song does not feel like the 6½ minutes it is.

Forgotten Son has harmonious vocals, with laid back music accompanying it. I could actually imagine this song onto an indie movie soundtrack; it’s got that kind of feel to it that a good soundtrack tends to pick up on. Mountains goes back to the more upbeat sound with a grittier vocal and back to the drumming I’m coming to expect from this band.

Light of Day is the true ballad on this CD, the lyrics and vocals are alluring and again they’ve got the instrumental side of the track just right, it compliments the song and doesn’t overpower the vocals. Get Up is another song on the slower side with plenty of great drumming and instrumental breaks.

Danshui really stood out to me as a song that has been influenced by the time that the band has spent in Asia. An acoustic guitar playing opens the next and penultimate song on the album Stories We’ve Told the feel slows down again for this one and the acoustic guitar continues through the song, which really pleased me as I often like the way a song opens then don’t hear that sound the rest of a song!

Cloud Cover closes the album, which having listened to the lyrics makes perfect sense. It also has a quite epic feel to it that makes this quite slow song feel much more upbeat.

All in all a very good album, Transition are a band who’ve put time and effort into writing and producing the songs and the quality of this CD absolutely reflects that…I hope that we get to hear more from them! 

Published: Bristol Rocks (April 2008)


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