Sound of Madness

Sound of Madness by Shinedown (lyrics)I have recently started listening to this song a LOT! I felt a connection to it but couldn’t quite put my finger on it, then this weekend I listened to the lyrics really closely and realised why and it hit me really hard. The song is saying that you can’t…… Continue reading Sound of Madness

Happy Mother’s Day

Evanescence – Bring Me To LifeIt’s Mother’s Day in the UK today, I wanted to pick a song for my inspiration which reflected my taste and my Mum’s, which got me thinking about my Mum and all the times I’ve been told that something I’m listening to is ‘noisy rubbish’. I can’t expect much more,…… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day

She Knows – Just Jinger

I fell in love with this song when I first heard it, not only is it a beautiful song but the words are perfect and to me encompassed what a perfect love would be like.Meeting my fiance fulfilled that, I now hear this song and I think of him, of the love he offers me…… Continue reading She Knows – Just Jinger

Breathe (2AM) – Anna Nalick

This song means an awful lot to me. It was first introduced to me by a very good friend of mine who lives in Oklahoma. We met via our blogs back in 2004 and now have a very good and very close friendship. She recommended this song to me just before we first met in…… Continue reading Breathe (2AM) – Anna Nalick

Musical Musings

“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul” – PlatoI’ve been planning to start writing more for a long time, like a lot of people there’s always an excuse why I can’t, but I finally pulled myself out of my creative slump and started putting together a new blog. My…… Continue reading Musical Musings

Jacanda – Skimming Stones

Skimming Stones is the latest offering from Bristol-based band Jacanda. The album is complete heart and soul from beginning to end. The use of acoustic guitar, rich vocals and melodic sax throughout the album all contribute to a wonderful 40 minutes of listening time. There’s a definite feel of Crowded House and Pete Yorn about…… Continue reading Jacanda – Skimming Stones