Jacanda – Skimming Stones

Skimming Stones is the latest offering from Bristol-based band Jacanda. The album is complete heart and soul from beginning to end. The use of acoustic guitar, rich vocals and melodic sax throughout the album all contribute to a wonderful 40 minutes of listening time. There’s a definite feel of Crowded House and Pete Yorn about this album.

Opening song ‘Ashes’ is one of those vocal pieces that turn up in movie soundtracks. And this song would not be out of place on such a soundtrack. The title song ‘Skimming Stones’ is the fourth song on the track and is a true representation of what this album has to offer, meticulous song-writing, beautiful vocals and distinct instruments throughout. Later ‘Believe’ picks up the baton and continues with moving words and feel to the music. The harmonies are beautiful and the mournful sax really gets to the heart of the what the song is about.

This is Jacanda doing what they do best, acoustic folk. This album is definitely for the easy-listening lovers and those who like some ‘quiet’ time away from their usual choice of dance, upbeat pop, or rock.


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