Breathe (2AM) – Anna Nalick

This song means an awful lot to me. It was first introduced to me by a very good friend of mine who lives in Oklahoma. We met via our blogs back in 2004 and now have a very good and very close friendship. She recommended this song to me just before we first met in person in 2005 and on meeting gave me the new Anna Nalick album (which still isn’t available in the UK). I now can’t get through hearing this song without thinking of our friendship and how far we’ve both come since we first ‘met’, I’ve certainly been on a long and hard journey, I’ve come out this side much better, happier, healthier and saner than I started it. I now feel I’m about to embark on a new journey and can only hope the end result of this one is as positive!

This song came to my head today as I drove to Bath (which is about 20 miles from home) to meet up with her and her family as they are in the UK. We had a wonderful day and I got to catch up with them in person, which is always so much better than the occasional telephone call, email and facebook updated! Unfortunately my fiance had to work so was unable to come with me, he’s still yet to meet them, but I’m truly hoping we can work something out before they leave to go home next weekend.

One of the funniest statements I’ve ever heard came from her daughter today. We asked her what she wanted to do while she was in England…she replied “I want to buy 100 skirts”…you can always rely on children!


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