She Knows – Just Jinger

I fell in love with this song when I first heard it, not only is it a beautiful song but the words are perfect and to me encompassed what a perfect love would be like.

Meeting my fiance fulfilled that, I now hear this song and I think of him, of the love he offers me and the safety he provides. Our relationship has really been put through some hard times, but we’ve managed to keep going and find a way through everything that has been thrown at us.

I hadn’t explained my love of this song, how it made me feel or what it meant to me to him, it’s something I’d kept very personal. We were on a flight from Barcelona after our first holiday together in September 2007 and he picked up my iPod and ‘chose’ a song for me, choosing this song. I think at that moment I truly felt like I had the perfect love, because I could listen to this song constantly and especially like to listen to it when I am flying.

We’ve now added the song to our ‘wedsite’ for our wedding guests to hear when they log on to get information about the wedding. It’s not live yet but very close and I can’t wait to continue sharing this amazing song by an outstanding band. If you get the chance check out some more of their music…it really is outstanding!


2 thoughts on “She Knows – Just Jinger

  1. Hi Claire,
    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for stopping by my 'Blog of Note' – I was taken by surprise on that.
    I have loved music and songs all my life but never thought of writing down why I liked a particular song. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Thanks again for coming by.


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