Happy Mother’s Day

Evanescence – Bring Me To Life

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK today, I wanted to pick a song for my inspiration which reflected my taste and my Mum’s, which got me thinking about my Mum and all the times I’ve been told that something I’m listening to is ‘noisy rubbish’. I can’t expect much more, Despite the few songs I’ve chosen to this point, which are very very tame by my standards, I’m very much a ‘metal head’. The louder and screamier the better! My Mum hasn’t escaped the noise since I left home though, as my younger brother very much followed in my footsteps and likes his music louder and screamier than me!

Every now and then though something comes along that Mum likes aswell, normally it’s something more mainstream, more pop than rock. Evanescence though are one of the exceptions. Whilst not being a screamy band they are rock/metal (although I know people who will argue that!). Despite this my Mum really enjoys listening to them, mainly due to the fact that she thinks Amy Lee has a wonderful voice (which she has). I remember when Bring Me To Life came out and how surprised I was that Mum said she liked it (one of Mum’s other unusual choices is Eminem, so I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised).

So today’s choice is that song, the song that saw some common musical ground between Mum and I.

Happy Mother’s Day everybody.


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