Leaving For Greece Drinks

Steve & I really wanted to send a huge thanks from us both to everyone who came to the leaving drinks last night:

John & Jen
Ash & Pam
Irene & Tom
Tash & Marios
Tim & Emma
Julian & Christine
Mark & Gemma
Goose & Nic
Beth & Oli
Lauren & Lee
Heather & Martin
Jennie & Simon
Holly & Jack

Crikey, having just written that list I realise that 32 of you turned up!! No wonder I felt like I was on speed and didn’t finish a conversation all night! Apologies to those of you I didn’t get to talk to very much, rest assured that the love is there and I really was completely overwhelemed by how many of you turned up!

I was also surprised at how many followed us to the Bierkeller! All my respect to you guys…especially as quite a few of you wouldn’t normally be seen dead there! I felt really touched! I just hope most of you avoided the ‘free shots’ they like to dish out in there (unlike Steve!). Those things are LETHAL!

For those of you not on Facebook, our photo’s from the evening are below….enjoy!

If last night was anything to go by the wedding is going to be AWESOME!

Will miss you all while we’re away but keep in touch via:
Email: clairerobinson1979@yahoo.co.uk & stevestomper2020@yahoo.co.uk
Facebook: see sidebar
Twitter: see sidebar – Claire only
Skype: add robbo_c
Phone: We’ll have our mobiles for texts, we’ll also get a Greek number and for calls: 0117 230 1277 which Skype will divert to whichever number we tell it to!

We fly to Athens at 6am on Tuesday morning from Gatwick and will be in Samos by 2pm UK time!


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