Home Sweet Home…

Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue

…at least for the next six months anyway. It’s been a tough run getting to Greece but now that we’re here we are finally reaping the benefits.

On Sunday night (or more specifically 3am Monday morning), whilst still at our home in England, Steve woke up to a bang, on investigating said bang he discovered a fire in our next door neighbours house. The fire was around their shed (connected to their house) and catching the bush which divides our house and theirs. Next to this bush was my car (which we had decided to keep off-road until we returned to the UK in October). Steve proceeded to try and wake up the neighbours who were stuck in their house by fire at both entrances, while I called the fire brigade and his Dad moved the cars to prevent any further bangs!

Almost three hours, three fire engines and no injuries later and the fire was out and the police were investigating (cause unknown). In my very tired dazed state, I’d managed to miss that my car was damaged, luckily Mr Policeman noticed and pointed it out to me. I checked again once the daylight had properly kicked in and discovered that the back of my car, all around the petrol tank (yikes!) had pretty much melted! My last day in the UK and I’ve got an insurance claim on my hands, typical!

We left the following evening at just gone midnight to drive to Gatwick Airport to catch our early morning flight to Athens. Luckily the insurance company were on the ball and during Monday I’d managed to get the claim logged, and arrange for the car to be picked up. I’ve now heard that the car has been written off so Steve’s Dad is waiting for a cheque to come through so that I can buy a new car when we get back to the UK!

The first few days in Samos were tough, we were tired, run down and just didn’t feel that things were coming together as we’d wanted. We very nearly booked flights to go home but luckily we got through it and things are now starting to look up. Our apartment is smaller than we’d hoped but it’s cheap (200 euro’s per month) so we can’t complain, it’s also in the centre of Pythagorion which is where we wanted to live and close to everything we want to be close to.

We’ve been busy getting ourselves known with business owners, leaving our number and following up any leads our friends here have come across to make sure we’re the first people that are thought of once they need to hire staff. Many bars/restaurants/hotels have only opened this weekend (some still haven’t opened!) and the tourism season doesn’t truly kick off until mid-May so it’s likely we get to have an extended (but budget) holiday until we’re more likely to be needed for work!

I’m enjoying it though we went for a long uphill walk this morning to the Tunnel of Eupalinos which is just over 2km from our apartment. I didn’t go into the tunnel as I have previously and got extremely claustrophobic but Steve did and was really impressed! I’ve also signed up as a contributing writer for a new blog Greek Island Hopping which I’m looking forward to getting involved with and building up my writing portfolio away from music and woe is me!


One thought on “Home Sweet Home…

  1. I would love to see Greece. My husband spent alot of time there when he was in college.

    And I SO much prefer Motley Crew to that sappy Carrie Underwood version of this song.


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