Photo Time

Always one to satisfy my public below is a slideshow with some of our photo’s on so far…we had a slight technical glitch when I went to upload Steve’s photo’s (his battery died in the camera) so these are still to be added, but this should give you a taste for what we’ve been up to so far!

I now have a job and am working in this hotel on reception. To start I am working 8am-12pm and then 5pm-9pm but I will moveover to 5pm-1am after a few weeks. I’m working 6 days per week so it’s good as I’m actually getting a day off which is rare! I started yesterday and so far so good.

Things are still too quiet here for Steve to have started work but I imagine things will change in the next few weeks as more tourists start to show up!

The weather has been pretty eratic for this time of year but I think the sun is here to stay now, so hopefully I’ll be able to get the trainers off and flip flops on very soon!


One thought on “Photo Time

  1. Love the photos! It's great getting to see where you are. It's just gorgeous! Congrats on your job and fingers crossed the tourists show up in droves! Lots of love! Mxx


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