Living the Life I Want

Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row

I started work on Tuesday of last week, I’m working at a small hotel on reception. The hotel is on the harbourside so I get to watch what’s happening outside while I work. I am on the evening shift starting at 5pm and finishing at 1am 5 nights a week. On a Sunday I work the day shift 9-5 and then I have Monday’s off. I’ve been training this week so have been working split shifts which have made it hard to actually do anything other than sleep because there’s a lack of time in any direction!

One thing we have had time for this week is getting our honeymoon booked! Living on the edge we return to the UK only 2 weeks before our wedding which means we had to get the honeymoon sorted whilst we were in Greece! After having big ideas about what we wanted (and quite frankly couldn’t afford – think coast to coast USA!) We settled with 10 days in LA with entrance to Universal Studios, Disney, Sea Life, San Diego Zoo & Knotts Berry Farm Theme Park! (I’m also hoping we might squeeze in a trip to Six Flags!) Yes, we are roller-coaster junkies! This also means that we’ll only be in the UK for 2 weeks before heading off to another, sunnier, climate again!

Unfortunately mid-November will see us having to settle down and get jobs in the UK again…at least until we head back to Greece for next summer’s fun and frolics!

I am happier here though, I miss my family like crazy, and gigs! But, it’s a peaceful life, the sun is shining and whilst work is long hours it’s lacking in stress which can only be a good thing! I’m definitely living the life I want!


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