Rob Thomas Twinterview

Push by Matchbox Twenty

Last night at 5.30pm GMT (7.30pm Greek Time) I logged into Twitter along with who knows how many others to see the huge UK music journalist Neil McCormick interview Rob Thomas via Twitter. I can’t even begin to explain Twitter to those who don’t use it. I first signed up in August last year but having decided I didn’t ‘get it’ I didn’t go back until a few months ago when after much persuasion from friends in the States I decided to give it another go…now I’m hooked!

It was challenging with technical issues and time delays but when it worked it really worked. For someone like me, who is not just a fan of Rob Thomas but also someone who would love to live even a day in Neil McCormick’s shoes (can you say dream job?!) it was inspiring, interesting and motivating. I found myself logging out of Twitter after the interview full of ideas and motivated to write far more than I have been. Somewhere inside of me I felt the light of ambition re-ignite and I’m so glad it did!

Rob Thomas first inspired me with his writing in 2007 when I was 17. Anyone who knows how UK radio stations work know that they rotate small playlists of the same kind of music that the mass markets will like. There is very little variance and if you like anything even slightly off the masinstream you are unlikely to find it on any radio station. I haven’t listened to the radio since I was 16, as this was before the internet I came up with an unusual method of finding new music from lesser known artists, aside from gigs.

I would go to HMV each week and buy every cd single they had for 99p or under. Basically anybody new, independents etc. Now most of these only got played once before I’d give them away as the latest dose of rubbish to hit the UK music scene but on this one particular day I picked up Push by Matchbox Twenty (the band Rob Thomas fronts). I remember putting the CD into my player and holding my breath, as I always did. Waiting for something amazing to come out, which it rarely did! This time though, I think I held my breath for the full run time and immediately hit rewind this song was amazing, it was one of those rare gems in the rough.

I went straight back out the same day to buy the album, and I have bought every album since, although I’m yet to make it to a gig!

There are several Matchbox Twenty songs which have truly inspired me and I’m sure that there will be more posts to come!

You can read Neil McCormick’s take on his twinterview here.

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One thought on “Rob Thomas Twinterview

  1. I'm struggling to get into Twitter myself. I love Facebook and Blogger (of course!) but just can't see the point of Twitter at the moment. Hope someone might convince me otherwise!

    CJ xx


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