The Sun is Shining…

…so where the hell are all the tourists?

That pretty much sums up how things are here in Samos at the moment. Our friend Nikos said that in 18 years of owning his restaurant he’s not known it be this quiet this far into May. There’s a distinct lack of tourists in Samos and it’s hitting hard, and not just us. I guess this is where the credit crunch hits Greece.

What does it mean for us?

Well, I have a job but I’m only working 4 hours a day at the moment. Steve still can’t get anything, everywhere is overstaffed for the amount of tourists that there are. We always knew that we would have to work to live here and 4 hours per day makes us 15 euro per day…not enough to live on. We are going to see how things play out over the next 10 days but we may be home just 1 month after leaving if things don’t pick up.

So help us out by hoping and praying more people start holidaying in Samos soon!

In other news last week I hit my head on our kitchen cabinet, then on Sunday I hit my forehead (just a few cm’s below the last bump) on the reception desk at work, then on Wednesday, while running to get the phone I tripped over the carpet and on trying to steady myself my arm locked and I just can’t describe the pain that went through my arm. I’m talking being winded in my arm, instant sweats and zero movement in my elbow to wrist! Oh yeah and I still managed to pick up the phone and wouldn’t you know it, nobody there!

Went to the hospital yesterday, had an x-ray (and almost decked the poor radiographer when he straightened my arm…because I still couldn’t!) and the doctor said it wasn’t broken. It’s muscle and ligament damage so I just have to keep it in a sling for a few days then start using it slowly! In good news though we were in and out of the hospital in about 40 mins!

Not much else to report, the financials and lack of jobs are holding us back quite a lot at the moment. It’s very hard to just chill out when there are so many question marks…but we are SO determined to!


One thought on “The Sun is Shining…

  1. Ah guys, I hope it starts to pick up soon out there for you, hopefully people will start finding money from somewhere.

    Claire is all that sun getting in your eyes and affecting your sight and balance, you take it easy out there. xx


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