An Empty Promise!

Well it gives me great pleasure to still be participating on this blog as it was starting to look as though we would be returning much sooner than we had wished for as my “job” turned out to be an empty promise!
So for the best part of a month I was lead to believe that work was on the way & had been waiting for business to pick up!

Fortunately for us though we have struck up a good relationship with a girl (Shahida) who does work there & so was informed that there was not an opening for me & that I would not be needed, added to this I was also told that the business next door were looking for staff but were not to be considered as they were some what slave drivers!
So I had been inquiring at every other place of business but was only being told “maybe” as trade was slow but obviously with the clock ticking hope was beginning to wane & moods were going south at the prospect of giving up on our dream of which more so Claire than I admittedly have been working so hard for the last nine months or so & knowing that if we did return prematurely it was very likely that we would not be putting ourselves through it again!


Armed with my new & trusted knowledge I awoke with a new & immense fire & drive to make it happen . . .

. . I met with the wife of the restaurant & told them of my need for work & was immediately told “Of course, why didnt you say so before!”


So as of today I am now a part of a very nice and welcoming establishment as a waiter/charmer, their words in a very traditional restaurant 0.29, of which you will have to come visit for yourselves to find out as to why it carries this name!

I will be working from 4pm til late which is perfect as Claire too is working evenings!

Yassou! (Good bye!)

A very relieved & somewhat lighter

The Charmer
~: )


3 thoughts on “An Empty Promise!

  1. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant, things are looking up for you both, I'm so pleased, I'm still keeping my good vibe thoughts going for you both that all works out and the tourists arrive in droves, as it's raining and windy and freezing here and you want to stay in the sun as long as possible and with as much money as you can muster. xx


  2. So pleased! Hope everything picks up for you and your dreams are everything you both want them to be! Can't help with the tourist thing unfortunately as we're off to the Dom Rep on Monday woo hoo – otherwise would have of course, come to Samos….. Enjoy!


  3. Really glad it's picked up for you and you've got work now! That must be a relief. I'm keeping you both in my thoughts (especially since it's horrible here and I'm jealous of you both in the sun!)


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