Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

Who Says You Can’t Go Home? by Bon Jovi

This seemed like an appropriate song choice for this post. Some of you won’t know that we’re back in the UK, some of you who I’m friends with away from blogging do know already. Here is what happened and why we returned:

We went to Samos, Greece on a promise from a friend of mine (from when I lived there in 2000) that he had a job for Steve in his restaurant (I do want to say here that we would have gone anyway, but not until next year with more money under our belts), this was something we talked about with him last July when we were in Samos on holiday and then regularly on the phone. As it got closer to us arriving he became less certain that there was a job with him, but told us we should definitely come anyway as there will definitely be work.

The work thing went on and on after we arrived with lots of “as soon as I have a job it’s yours”. Only for us to find out he had no intention of giving Steve a job, not that he ever told us, just other people when we weren’t there. The last conversation we had with Nikos he said that if we didn’t want to go home Steve needed to ask people for work until someone said yes…which we took as a “I’m not helping anymore”!

After we spoke to the owner of another restaurant about a job he had and Steve started working there, my friend and his Mum turned really weird, I tried talking to them to find out what was wrong and sort things out but she wouldn’t even look at me and he walked away while I was trying to talk, neither of them would actually tell me what the problem was…bit hard to fix when you don’t know!

I found out from someone they’d had a moan to about it that they were annoyed we hadn’t spoken to them before speaking to Steve’s boss about the job (basically asked their permission) and they felt I’d betrayed them! Turns out they were fine with Steve, it was just me they had the problem with (which was even harder for me to deal with than if it had been both of us). The night before we left I went to get our apartment key from Steve at work and the Mum was sat outside of their restaurant with her daughter (who I’ve always considered one of my best and closest friends) she started to say hello to me until her mum glared at her and she just stopped talking and looked away, again her Mum didn’t even acknowledge I was there.

I went back to the apartment talked to Steve about how I felt and booked us on the next flights home.

Under normal circumstances I could have dealt with it all and would have just avoided them and got on with it, but we all know I’m not normal and I’m not good at dealing with anything negative. The whole thing was compounded by the fact that I felt very betrayed that after 10 years of friendship they could turn on me over something so silly, especially as I tried talking to them about it to iron it all out.

I realised that the last time my depression spiralled as quickly as it did over the last month it ended in my suicide attempt. I really didn’t want to put Steve, myself or my family through all of that again and knowing I wasn’t in anywhere near the right state of mind to deal with what they’d have to throw at me (having seen them do this to other people I know it gets really nasty) I did the only thing I could and came home.

We’re both really disappointed, we spent a lot of money to get there, a lot of money while we were there, I gave up a job I loved to go! We were very serious about making a start in Greece and building a life, we never for a minute thought we would end up home after less than a month.

We’re a bit lost at the moment but I’m sure we’ll get back into the swing of UK life pretty soon! I don’t think we’ll be back to Samos again but maybe another Greek island one day…neither of us feels in a hurry to return to Greece for a while though!


5 thoughts on “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

  1. I'm glad you're back safe and sound. The most important thing is to take care of yourself and it sounds like you did what you had to do. I'm so sorry it turned out that way for you both, but at least you do have each other. Best wishes as you get settled back into UK life.


  2. Claire–Thanks for the comment you left for me! Thanks for stopping by.

    I appreciate your heartfelt post–change is never easy, especially when it is so unexpected. It sounds like you made the right decision and I hope you make the transition bak into home life relatively easily!!


  3. Claire

    I just got back from holiday and caught up! Hope you are OK, and so glad you are home safe and sound.

    Give me a call sometime and maybe we can grab a coffee and catch up



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