The Alasia Restaurant in Weston-super-Mare

I have been for lunch and dinner at The Alasia on a few occasions, and I just can’t stop myself from going back for more. I live in Bristol so it’s a fair trek to get a meal considering the number of restaurants we have in Bristol, however, the food and service make it worth every mile driven!

The customer service is far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in this country before, friendly, helpful, informative. It makes a refreshing change to ask what ingredients are in a dish and to be given the answer immediately.

The food is sublime, nothing I have eaten has disappointed, always perfectly cooked, flavoured and presented. I don’t eat meat but my fiance does and he always has some wonderful choices, he’s disappointed to have missed Kangaroo a few times but he has managed to catch himself some bison, rabbit and some of the usual suspects such as steak. The fish and vegetarian dishes, which I do eat, are also far beyond anything I’ve had anywhere else, sometimes at a much higher price. I highly recommend the Sea Bass and for lunch the Fish Cakes. As for the puddings, well, the puddings are, quite frankly, to die for, The Pudding Club is a must!

The restaurant is coeliac friendly and offers it’s dishes in both Dairy & Gluten free options. I’m one of the lucky people who doesn’t have to watch how much dairy or gluten is in my food, however, since starting to eat at The Alasia I’ve found that the food is lighter, more enjoyable and doesn’t leave you with the bloated uncomfortable feeling I normally get from eating. I’ve enjoyed this food so much I try to stay reasonably dairy & gluten free at home now.

I am allergic to caffene and rarely get to have a hot drink in restaurants (who even when they have a decaf option, it’s cheap and bad!) The Alasia have Tea Pigs teas to offer, with a whole choice of flavours which are caffene free and absolutely enjoyable. I find a pleasure in the fact that they are served in glass teapots and cups, so that I can see the colour deepen. My personal favourite is the Super Fruits but I’m yet to try one I don’t like, and I understand from my Sister that the Chocolate Tea is pretty remarkable!

I can’t recommend The Alasia highly enough and I just look forward to seeing the restaurant go from strength to strength.

Review submitted at Eat Out Somerset
You can find out more about The Alasia via their Website & Blog


2 thoughts on “The Alasia Restaurant in Weston-super-Mare

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog just now – very quick off the mark you were, too! Good job it's coming up to lunchtime, with all this talk of lovely food! x


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