Brand New Start

Brand New Start by Alter Bridge

“We will make a brand new start
From the pieces torn apart
The break of day is before us
Cast your sorrows to the wind
Let the highway take us in
As we escape the disorder”

We’ve been back in Bristol for a week now and whilst we are still very disappointed with the failure of our move to Samos we are positive for the future. We are both looking for new jobs and I am determined to start working part time, for several reasons.

The main reason is to look after myself, I’ve tried every which way to persuade everyone, including myself that I’m well and don’t need ‘special treatment’. The reality is my mood disorder, the depression being the most prominent aspect of this, isn’t going anywhere. I’ll always have it and I think I’ve finally accepted this. Working part time would give me more time to look out for myself, to relax and to get help when I’m in a bad patch. It would also mean less time for work stress to consume me, which definitely can’t be a bad thing.

I also want to pursue my writing and maybe even start getting some paid work, I keep getting told my writing, especially reviews, is as good as a professional and writing is the one thing I enjoy regardless of the state my mental health is in! I’m seriously considering and looking into going to University to do a Journalism degree. Ironically, this was what I wanted to do when I applied after my A’Levels 11 years ago, back then I convinced myself I would never make a living from writing and the fact I couldn’t afford University just let me believe the self-doubt.

I now love writing even more than I did then, it’s been my therapy, my release and my way to help other people in one way or another. I’ve connected with people, made some of my best friends and learned about myself through writing.

My dream would be to a freelance music journalist. I really can’t think of anything more satisfying than being surrounded by music, going to gigs, interviewing musicians and then getting to write about it! Pure bliss! To help myself I’m really pushing my “Claire Writes Music” blog and trying to get more unpaid work to build my portfolio and get practice. I’ve also started a new blog for anything I write which isn’t music related so that I can just build my writing skills in general. I launched it this week and it’s called “Written By Claire“, I’m hoping that these two, more professional, blogs will help me get my foot into the door either of a degree or some paid work!

I have to chuckle now as whilst I’ve been writing this post I’ve been invited to interview for a part time role I applied for yesterday! See, the positive outlook is working already!


2 thoughts on “Brand New Start

  1. I like that you're so candid about your depression Claire – it's one of the main steps to dealing with it.
    Part time is the best if you can – espeically in the summer, then we can catch those precious rays when they come out and get more exercise, both important for raising our serotonin levels.
    Good luck with the interview, let us know how it goes. Gotta go, have to chase a certain little girl x


  2. I am really glad to hear about all of your positive thoughts and acceptance of the depression. I think it allows you the opportunity to take more control and make decisions that will help you in the long run.

    I know that Greece was probably disappointing but I guess I believe that everything happens for a reason and perhaps there are other, even better dreams in store for you.

    The writing sounds like a perfect fit and I hope you find a path that allows you to work part-time, learn and along the way earn a living with something you really enjoy. This part I can very much relate too!

    I am over here cheering for you and sending lots of positive vibes and sunshine your way. I think we can both use a little…

    Have a great weekend!


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