Jamie Lynn Noon – A Moment To Break EP

Jamie Lynn Noon is a singer/songwriter from and based in Los Angeles. Her debut EP A Moment To Break was released worldwide in January. She had some well-known names helping with the production of this EP co-producing with her was Kevin Harris and the EP was mastered by Brian Gardner. This gives you high hopes for the music. I’m pleased to say that it doesn’t disappoint.

What captures me most about the EP is the raw talent that shines through the songs. Opening with Second of a Spark Jamie immediately demonstrates the talent she has not just for singing but also songwriting. Rippling into the second track Blind, which most stands out as unusually being in 6/8 time (think of a waltz!). This is rare for any artist let alone a new artist. Most stick to more traditional, and safe, timing structures.

I can feel the influence of artists such as Chantal Kreviazuk and Sheryl Crow throughout the EP and especially in the title song, A Moment To Break, what most stands out here is the epic chorus, I can already hear it in the background on a popular TV show at a prominent moment. The profound Waste It On You welcomes us into the second half of the EP and is followed by my personal favourite I’m Trying a ballad with sincere vocals and lyrics.

To Finally closes the EP, another song written in 6/8 time Jamie Lynn Noon is certainly demonstrating her musical skill stretches beyond singing and setting herself up as a true singer/songwriter. It’s no wonder she’s the Featured Artist on Daisy Rock this month. I anticipate that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Jamie Lynn Noon in the next 12 months!

You can listen to the EP on Jamie’s MySpace page, and it can be downloaded from all the usual download sites (worldwide – I’ve tested this on iTunes & Napster in the UK!).

Also, keep your eyes peeled on this blog as I have an interview lined up with Jamie to find a bit more about the girl behind the music.


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