Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) by Marilyn Manson

OK, so I know I’ve gone for the cover version of this song but, personally, I prefer it.

I’m still unemployed but things are looking up, I’m sticking to my guns and getting more involved in my writing. I’ve been in contact with a singer/songwriter, Jamie Lynn Noon in LA via MySpace and will be reviewing her EP followed by an interview with her which I’m really looking forward to. I’m about halfway through the review at the moment and hoping I’ll finish it off tomorrow morning so that I can start planning the interview.

A few days ago I sent a link to my music reviews blog to a website, Thrash Hits, I’ve been reading for a while now. It’s probably the closest competitor to the main rock magazines here in the UK and certainly one that most of us who follow rock closely regularly read. This morning I heard back from the Deputy Editor saying that they want me to write for them. This is HUGE progress for me and the opportunity I’ve been working towards. This means that I now have the chance to really build my portfolio, gain much more experience and hopefully get closer to being able to do some work for some of the magazines I’ve been reading for as long as I remember! In fact a number of the contributing writers to this website already work for these magazines!

It’s funny how finally admitting what I want to do, and doing something about getting it has made a difference to me! I have no money coming in, but for the first time, money isn’t causing me endless grief. I have far more important things to occupy my mind with!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. That really is sounding great Claire and good for you for knowing and then DOING what you want to do – what's the point of spending a third of our waking lives working somewhere/doing a job that displeases us? You've got a talent, use it!
    I've written my first novel “Broody” and have sent it to a few publishers – no word yet and it's easy to feel disheartened (although, for me, still early days)
    You, however, are an inspiration. Thanks xxx


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