Scream, Aim, Fire!!

Scream, Aim, Fire by Bullet For My Valentine

My choice in song will soon become obvious….

Just before Christmas I went for dinner at a friends house, after dinner I was asked if I’d like to play Guitar Hero. Up until this point I’d always wanted to see what it was like but had never played it. Obviously any game based on my favourite genre of music was going to have some appeal to me! So we played, I was awful, but it was fun, I was addicted and we went out the next weekend and purchased Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock and Guitar Hero: World Tour both with guitars for our PS2.

Initially Steve and I played together, me on lead guitar and him on Bass working our way through the career, but it soon became obvious that I was taking it FAR more seriously than he was and decided, for the sake of our relationship, that I would start a solo career on World Tour.

Now as I’ve said I take it very seriously, and I’m not content with just getting through the songs (which is all that the game requires for you to progress). Nope, I challenged myself to get 5 stars on all songs before I could progress! I started on Easy and finished it pretty quickly. I then started on Medium and it’s been a bit slower but progression has been happening until 2 days ago when I hit Scream, Aim, Fire in the penultimate level…I have spent a total of three hours practicing and playing this song and cannot get past 91% and 4 stars!

I know it’s just a game, and even the game will let me progress but I just can’t give in, I refuse to be beaten by this song! Which until 2 days ago I really liked! I think I may Scream, Aim and Fire….my guitar out of the window if I don’t crack it soon!

All I can think is that if this is what Medium is doing to me Heaven help me on Hard and if I make it to Expert I may end up with a coronary!

Anyway….back to the Guitar Hero before Steve boots me off the TV for tonights England match!


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