Papa Roach @ O2 Academy Bristol 15th June 2009

After, what I hear, was a stonking set on the second stage at Download on Sunday Papa Roach geared up and hit the West Country for a gig at the O2 Academy in Bristol. The gig got off to a great start when Jacoby Shaddix decided he wanted to get out and meet the fans, walking along the queue with his phone taking a video stating that he was “taking pictures of you, taking pictures of me”.

By the time Papa Roach hit the stage the crowd (still high on Download buzz) was bouncing (literally), opening with Days of War and Change or Die the opening songs from their latest album they started to mix it up with songs from most of their albums. Jacoby’s energy amazes me every time I see them, he doesn’t stay still for so much as a second, which results in a crowd that goes with him. Encouraging the mosh pit to go MAD with a wall of death when they sang Alive some even started to brave the wrath of security and went crowd surfing. The band and crowd loved the high energy gig and there was a definite buzz in the air as everyone left.

Days of War
Change or Die
Broken Home
…To Be Loved
Getting Away With Murder
The World Around You
Hollywood Whore
Had Enough
Into The Light
Time Is Running Out
Dead Cell
Between Angels & Insects
I Almost Told You That I Loved You
Last Resort


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