Seeds of Change Organic Chocolate

A few years ago I signed up to BzzAgent, a word-of-mouth marketing agency, basically they send me products to try for free and then tell my friends and family about. The latest campaign I’ve signed up to has to be my favourite yet. Why? Well that’s easy it’s Chocolate!!

Seeds of Change have expanded their horizons from cereal bars and cooking sauces and gone into the realm of chocolate making! As a taster (quite literally) I was sent two 100g bars of the chocolate: Dark Chocolate Orange & Fig and Milk Chocolate Apricot & Cashew (I’ve also been given vouchers so that I can go and try the other flavours currently available (Dark Chocolate Hazlenut & Walnut and Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa).

I have to say that we sat down to try the Orange & Fig chocolate and it made us melt! It really was SO good, it’s also worth me adding that I can’t stand Figs and Steve can’t stand Orange in chocolate but we both LOVED this bar! Even more of an upside is that you can’t eat more than one square in a sitting so the 100g bar lasted us 4 days (we also shared some with my Mum who loved it too!). Steve’s first comment was that this was going to knock Green & Blacks off the shelves and I have to agree with him (yes, it’s THAT good!).

The Apricot & Cashew is also good and far better than it’s equivalents. But there was a definite preference for the orange & fig! I also felt this one would work better with dark chocolate aswell…but then I prefer dark chocolate!

The biggest downside for me is that it isn’t Fair Trade and I have a personal policy to buy Fair Trade wherever possible. Their website does say that they work in Partnership with their farmers which suggests some form of Fair Trade to me and the organic certification along with the fact that Seeds of Change donate 1% of sales to projects promoting biodiversity and sustainable organic agriculture make me feel a little less uptight about it. I do think getting official Fair Trade status should definitely be on the cards for them! If Cadbury’s can do it for the Dairy Milk then….I’ll say no more!

If my experience has made you think you’d like to try some then you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve decided to share some of my vouchers! Each voucher is 60p off of a 100g bar of chocolate (available at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Health Food Stores). All you have to do if you want one is to leave a comment with this post before 6pm on 24th June 2009.

The first five to comment will get a voucher…so make sure you provide your email address/twitter ID/Facebook ID etc (you get the idea) so that I can contact you for your address details!

If you’ve read this post and think that you’d like to join me in becoming a BzzAgent then click this link and sign up to start getting your free products to try!


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