Circles by Incubus

It’s been an interesting day today. After Steve received a phone call this morning giving him 2 days temp work next week I get a call from my last boss asking if I’ll go and do a couple of weeks work for them. Best thing was it was all done on my terms, days I wanted, hours I wanted and money I wanted! It’s only 2 weeks of 3 days but it’s like being given a gold bar the way things are right now!

I’ve filled in my job centre forms and sent them back so they know I won’t be signing on Monday and that they can have a break from paying me for two weeks. Hopefully over these two weeks one of the jobs I’ve applied for will come through so I’ll have something permanent to go to once I finish with the old team. If not, then it’s back down to the job centre to join the waifs and strays signing on!

This period of unemployment for us has really opened our eyes though and we’ll certainly not take things for granted once we’re back in employment with money coming in! In fact I’ll even go so far as to say saving will become a priority over gigs…hmmm yeah OK then Claire!!

There also appears to be a problem with the site I do my blog playlist through so I may have to source a new one….hmmmm.


One thought on “Circles

  1. Glad to hear that you both have a bit of work to tide you over….I hoping that things continue to look up for you and Steve!

    Reminds me that maybe I should be a little more grateful that I have a job and I am doing really well. For me, it just comes down to wanting to pursue something I feel more passionate about….

    I am wishing for something music related to fall into your hands…..


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