10 Years of Blogger

It’s hard to believe that Blogger has been around for almost 10 years now! As part of their tenth birthday celebrations they are asking bloggers everywhere to tell them what blogger means to them. So here is a bit about my history with blogger and what blogger has done for me.

I first joined blogger in 2005, creating my blog Being Me, which I ran until 2007 when I took a hiatus from blogging. As someone who’s psychiatrist says is ‘borderline bipolar’ I find expressing how I feel, think and act very difficult. Sometimes I’m doing, thinking or even saying things that I know are wrong, cruel or that I don’t even agree with and it can be torturous for my poor family and friends who have had to live through this. Joining blogger and starting Being Me was my first step into the world of proactively dealing with my illness and starting out on the road to recovery.

Through Being Me I made some good friends around the world. One of those blogger friends has become a true friend to me, someone who I share details of my everyday life with, visit, talk to and even exchange birthday and christmas gifts with. A true friend who lives 5,000 miles away on another continent and I would probably never have met without blogger (it feels worth mentioning at this point that she also met her husband via their blogger blogs! He was one of my colleagues and friends here in England and moved to marry her!)

After taking some time out from blogging, during which time I got very sick, attempted suicide, got a lot of treatment, and got engaged! I decided that I needed to reconnect with writing as a therapy. I’ve always been passionate about writing, but until my break from blogging I never realised just how much openly talking about my illness had helped me, and so Musical Musings was born. I set it up and ran it as a blog where a song would inspire my posts, but have found it increasingly difficult to keep up. Sometimes a song just doesn’t say what you want it to say!

After some technical glitches with the site I was using to import the music I’ve decided that from this post things will change a bit around here. I’ll write about what I wantever comes to mind for me again, if it’s my health then so be it, I’m hoping as my wedding approaches though there will be more upbeat posts however! To keep the musical link I’ll be posting a Song of the Day at the bottom of each post and if possible a link to the song for those who wish to hear it!

Aside from using blogger for my personal blogging I’ve also used blogger to post my portfolio of music journalism pieces on Claire Writes Music, this blog has not only given me the opportunity for people to read what I write but also has made it easy for me to share my portfolio when contacting websites and magazines I want to write for about opportunities they may have. It’s been a pure God send to have all of my work in one accessible place and for that, Blogger, I thank you!

So, Happy Birthday 10th Birthday Blogger, and thank you for providing me with somewhere I can write as much or as little as I want, and share a piece of me with whoever may be out there.

Song of the Day: Alanis Morrissette – Thank You


2 thoughts on “10 Years of Blogger

  1. Congratulations on dealing with your depression, Claire. Writing is a good outlet. I'm sorry to hear about your suicide attempt but news of your upcoming marriage is exciting. I guess there's some balance there. The more engaged a person is in the world, perhaps the less motivation to leave early. Or something like that.


  2. I didn't realise Blogger had been around for 10 years. You've had a lot to deal with and obviously writing your blog has helped you tremendously.

    I have also met any lovely friends through Blogger, one in Cananda.

    CJ xx


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