Jamie Lynn Noon

As promised when I published her EP review last month I spent some time interviewing Jamie Lynn Noon to find out a bit more about what makes her tick, what inspires her music, how she feels about social networking and if she’ll be visiting us English anytime soon. Here in all its glory is the result of this interview:

Tell me a bit about you, what made you want to write & perform?
Jamie Lynn Noon: More than anything, just a genuine love for music and the artists who create it are what first drove me to writing and performing my own material.

What inspires you to write a song?
Jamie Lynn Noon: Anything can trigger that initial inspiration– a certain feeling I have at a moment in time, and in or looking back upon my life’s experiences… I always have thoughts running around in my head, and sometimes I catch on to what I feel is an emotive concept and I run with it.

How did you start to choose the songs you wanted to include on your EP?
Jamie Lynn Noon: I had written and recorded a number of songs over the course of time, and for my EP I chose the songs most personal to me… As an artist, I think it is important for your music to reflect who you are, and the songs that encompass A Moment to Break are a true reflection of me in its entirety.

Some artists say they write a lot of ‘duds’ before a good one comes through, others are inspired and get a good song every time. How is it for you? And how do you decide or know what’s a good song?
Jamie Lynn Noon: For me, I really write when I am inspired to write. Fortunately, I find the inspiration comes more often than not, and unexpectedly! I have found that sometimes you have to put songs out there and see how they resonate with listeners… That’s really what’s important.

What comes first when you are writing a new song the words or the melody?
Jamie Lynn Noon: The lyrics and melody usually come together… And the lyrics definitely direct the melody and overall feel of a song.

Why/how did you go down the route of writing songs based on a 6/8 time? Something many song-writers would avoid?
Jamie Lynn Noon: I have always been drawn to songs in 6/8, and to waltzes… They have a certain sway and feel to them– so mesmerizing and elegant. I now have a weakness for writing songs in this time signature! And it comes and feels natural to me as a songwriter.

Have you found social networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter & Facebook have helped you?
Jamie Lynn Noon: Absolutely. As an artist, social media has definitely helped me to not only reach new listeners, but to keep in touch with my current fans and friends, which is so important to me.

Are there downsides to these sites?
Jamie Lynn Noon: The only downside (though not really a downside!) would be keeping up with it all.

Any plans to come to England?
Jamie Lynn Noon: I wholeheartedly hope and plan to come to England one day soon– I wish I could say when! My grandma was from Derby, England, where my mom was also born… So a trip is definitely in the plan for me and for my music.

Finally, what can we expect to hear from Jamie Lynn Noon in the next 6-12 months?
Jamie Lynn Noon: I am planning a follow up release to my debut EP, A Moment to Break… This is what I am working on at the moment, actually!

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2 thoughts on “Jamie Lynn Noon

  1. This is great! It must be so fun to talk with these artists! I am really glad you are enjoying and pursuing your writing – it certainly is a talent for you!


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