Arrica Rose – Pretend I’m Fur EP

Published: Wears The Trousers – July 6th 2009

While experimenting with beats, instruments and a Bee Gees cover, Arrica Rose and producer Dan Garcia (Christina Aguilera, Leonard Cohen) accidentally came up with the musical concepts behind this seven-song EP. The result is a very different sound to anything Rose has previously conjured up with her band, the dot dot dot’s. Where their 2008 debut People Like Us showcased a predictably bankable indie-pop hybrid that wound up on an episode of ‘Lipstick Jungle’, Pretend I’m Fur finds Rose distilling her talents into a more classic singer-songwriter sound and letting her appealingly husky vocals speak for themselves. And speak they do. Rose has a voice that could stop a raging bull in its tracks, lilting, and with a hint of gravel that complements the clear sound of her guitar.

Despite the apparent simplicity of its sound, there is nothing really ordinary about Pretend I’m Fur. Even Rose’s cover of the brothers Gibb classic ‘Tragedy’, which sets off the guitar with music box and finger snaps, is peeled right back to its roots and is worthy of inclusion, even if it can’t quite bleach out the scars left by the Steps massacre. If only all accidents could be this special and soulful.

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One thought on “Arrica Rose – Pretend I’m Fur EP

  1. Lovely review Claire…great writing:your words have painted a perfect picture of Rose's music and talent on this album. Congrats!
    PS I have the album and totally agree.


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