Laura Jansen – Single Girls EP

Published By: Wears The Trousers – July 6th 2009

One for the more sensitive sisters of Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’, half-Dutch singer-songwriter Laura Jansen makes sweetly dispositioned piano-pop that has seen her star lurch fully into the ascendant among the Hotel Café scene in Hollywood where she more than holds her own with the likes of Ingrid Michaelson and the similarly good-natured Meiko. Having moved to Los Angeles from Holland four years ago to pursue her musical dreams, Jansen self-released her debut EP Trauma in 2007 and has adopted the same approach for this second bite at the cherry.

Beautifully produced by Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Low Vs. Diamond) and featuring guest vocals from Butterfly Boucher and Cary Brothers, the Single Girls EP offers a pop pick me up that sets off smart and witty lyrics against Jansen’s pixie-like, sorrow-tinged voice. Most of the songs dabble in the post-breakup reclamation of self-identity and lyrics like “One more glass of wine before I turn off the lights / this time I’ll be fine” will no doubt resonate with many, and would make the likes of Lene Marlin proud. ’Wicked World’ stands out from the pack with a bolder, more playful vocal and quirky lyrics that put Jansen firmly in the Regina Spektor camp. With Universal Music in Holland set to release a full-length album next month, compiling tracks from Jansen’s EPs and adding some extras, expect her profile on this side of the Atlantic to rise and rise. Jansen came close to quitting once, but the songwriting skill and apparent confidence that buoys this five-track taster gives off the sense that she won’t be stopping any time soon.

Laura Jansen Links:
Website – Dutch Website


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