Sarah Fimm – White Birds EP

Published By: Wears The Trousers – July 6th 2009

Originally released as a free download for a limited time through her website late last year, the White Birds EP marks the return of New York’s Sarah Fimm after an absence of four years. Shedding the harder-edged electronica and general murkiness of 2004’s Nexus, these six songs cast Fimm in a slightly warmer light with production that focuses on her alluring, velvety vocals that almost seem to float over the top of the music. It’s not exactly cosy though; Fimm is playing a shady hand that reveals itself most plainly on ‘Let It Run’, which marries a trip hop-styled beat to a vampyric vocal accentuated unsettlingly by a stabs of harpsichord. Only one song, the melancholic ‘Fly’, finds Fimm at her trusty piano. Even with this comparatively simple arrangement, backed only by a string quartet, Fimm conveys all the required emotion to make it every bit as enchanting as her more complex compositions.

It’s no easy task to maintain an individual sound after so many years away, and while the opening ‘Counting Waves’ (co-written and sung with London-based artist Lettie) perhaps suggests Fimm is less of an individual voice than she used to be, this notion is dispelled by the time the immersive, epic title track draws proceedings to an close. Run a bath, light some candles, and let it all engulf you. White Birds is a piece of truly captivating art, proving yet again that Fimm is more than just a magnetising voice but a blindingly talented songwriter and musician. With suggestions of two more EPs to follow by the end of the year, this is one hell of a comeback.

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