Zero Illusions – Enter Eternity (Soundpollution/Riot)

Published By: Metal As Fuck – August 2009

Zero Illusions release their debut album but maybe needed a bit more time to tie up some loose ends.

Having formed in 2004, Enter Eternity is Zero Illusion‘s first full length release. Plugged as progressive metal, the only thing which really supports this in the first half of the album is the grinding guitar work. There’s a lack of screamo or growling vocals for progressive and a very distinct lack of guitar solos (with the exception of Face Of The Fortune). This album in actual fact is far more traditional metal with a hint of progressive elements.

However, things pick up and the real magic starts to happen through the last four songs. All the elements start to come together, minus the expected vocals which stay steady in a high pitched wail – which actually works very well in contrast to the harsh musical arrangements. Once In My Life is a song with stand-out bass lines: it’s one of those rare songs where the bass is the star and it’s a pleasure to hear. Another shining star on this album is Like Yourself, with catchy guitar hooks, the second of two guitar solos for the album, and fitting lyrics. These songs give hope that there is more to this band than Enter Eternity has shown.

Zero Illusions were the Swedish runner-up in this year’s Emergenza competition, ultimately losing out to Kid Galahad who won the whole competition at the international finals, so there is definitely something that makes this band great. But at the moment the crossover to recording from live hasn’t picked that up; whilst parts of this album are good, they certainly aren’t great.

This is a band with the right elements, but lacking in the spark that makes a band stand out in the recording studio. Enter Eternity is good but it’s not something to rave about; it’s more of an experiment than a secure offering of metal prowess. There’s a sense that once Zero Illusions have settled on a sound and get really comfortable with it they will blow everybody else out of the water. But for now they are struggling.

Zero Illusion’s Enter Eternity is out now on Soundpollution/Riot.

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