Alisha Mann – Always With You EP

Published By: Wears The Trousers – August 4th 2009

Harmonious, inspirational, expressive and celestial are words that come to mind when listening to this debut EP from Canadian singer-songwriter Alisha Mann. So it’s hardly a surprise to find out that Mann is a practicing Christian who believes that spreading god’s word via her music is her purpose in life. Whether or not we ourselves are into all that faith stuff, nothing in this EP gives reason to disagree with her. What does surprise is that she’s been able to pull off an EP of this quality while holding down a day job as a schoolteacher.

Each song is well formed and Mann has a gutsy yet angelic voice that shines through as crisp and intelligent. Her passion for her music and her beliefs shine through in every song but none more so than in ‘You Never Fail’. Christian music rarely sounds as good as this, and with 15% of every sale going to Compassion International – a charity that Mann is an advocate for –there’s a real sense of hope and goodness attached to this short record.
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