All Of Your Friends – All Of Your Friends Are Dead

Published By: Wears The Trousers – August 4th 2009

All Of Your Friends are a group of five pals from Winnipeg who have gathered together once a week since 2006 to play music. All Of Your Friends Are Dead is the product of these meet ups, a self-recorded album of songs that simply tell stories of being and having friends. They’re calling it “sociopop”. And just like real friends, they’re giving the album away for free.

What stands out the most about All Of Your Friends Are Dead is that it is a real potpourri of sounds, vocals and instruments (with even a boiling kettle being put to use at one point). The curveball with this unusual approach is that it actually works extremely well. Each song sounds epic in its own right, with flawless boy/girl vocals from Dana, Kelly and Jono. True to their tagline “We stand for nothing and specialise in everything”, their creativeness seemingly knows no bounds. All Of Your Friends manage to convey a real sense of just how much fun was had in the making of this record. The feeling of accomplishment, love and friendship that comes with this album is worth far more than the price tag.

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