Bird Talk – No Bird Left Behind

Published By: Wears The Trousers – August 4th 2009

Formed in 2007, Bird Talk are two girls and two boys who play indie-rock that draws on new wave, punk and lo-fi dance styles to create a sound that bears a passing similarity to the likes of Los Campesinos! and the harder-edged side of Tilly & The Wall. Available at a price of your own choosing, their debut album No Bird Left Behind shows great potential that’s sadly never quite realised. Lead vocals are half sung, half spoken by Melissa ‘Jumpy’ Marquez over the thrust of a capable rhythm section from Jacco Kuipers (bass) and Anthony ‘Shimby’ McCreery (drums), but it’s the addition of Emily Engelhard on keyboards that adds depth to these songs – her sweet and often swinging interjections neatly contrasting the harshness of Marquez’s bark.

The problem with No Bird Left Behind doesn’t lie in a lack of interesting material. Rather, it’s a surfeit of samey melodies that show little artistic growth from one song to another that makes it a bit of a trial to listen to. What starts out as an enjoyable record soon begins to seem like one very long song that, while no doubt containing plenty of catchy touches and potentially anthemic choruses, is difficult to decipher.

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