Lisa Papineau – Red Trees

Published By: Wears The Trousers – August 4th 2009

Having worked with the likes of Tori Amos and getting a song featured on ‘The Crow: City Of Angels’ soundtrack with her former band Pet, Lisa Papineau quit New England and moved to Paris where she wrote her debut solo album Night Moves. Three years on, Red Trees takes Papineau’s vision to the next level. Far more experimental vocally than Night Moves, many of these dozen songs are so strong vocally that they could quite easily have been delivered a cappella and not lose their power.

A chilling aura surrounds the whole album – a sense that is only heightened with the occasional inclusion of the organ from St Géraud’s church in Aurillac, France. On the dazzling opener ‘Rene Thomas’, it works to perfection. The exquisitely picked acoustic guitar of ‘Annette Tessier’ perfectly complements Papineau’s vocal, which carries with it a peculiar composure, while ‘Touch Time Out’ perfectly represents the French influence at large and would sound quite at home being played in a bustling café in central Paris. But mostly, like Björk’s Vespertine, this is a privately rewarding experience. In Red Trees, Papineau has succeeded in producing a complex, fascinating and experimental album, in the process creating an unusually comforting work.
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