Wisdom Tooth – Cathedral Park

Published By: Wears The Trousers – September 10th 2009

Wisdom Tooth is the latest music project from Meagan Day, a lo-fi folk pixie from Ohio who has previously recorded as Laughing Owls and as one half of Skelecopter. Debut full-length Cathedral Park follows on from last year’s EP The Ice Sculpture At The Heart Of Me [download for free here], and, for the time being at least, is another generous freebie. Even the most cursory listen immediately indicates Day’s speciality: short, uncomplicated ditties plucked out on her trusty ukulele that rarely fall short of a hard-to-dislike candy-strength sweetness. “I’m waiting for the drugs to wear off / I’m waiting for the medicine to kick in,” she sings on the title track, a catchy and rhythmic piece that saunters along with synthesised handclaps, prompting suspicions that her on-the-surface adorableness sugarcoats some darker thoughts. “You are not better off alone,” she goes on to reassure us, and it’s easy to believe her.

The lack of instrumental variety encountered over the album’s dozen songs will no doubt gall some, but from the title track opener to the mellow closer ‘Superhighway’, there’s enough in the way of ear-catching lyrics and cute little melodies to please any lover of indie folk maidens armed with jumping fleas. These whimsical treats demand to be heard at a campfire singalong or indie-conscious hoedown; well, perhaps not anything as strong as demand, but they certainly suggest it. Cathedral Park begs to be played over and over again, even when the source of its appeal isn’t quite definable.

Wisdom Tooth Links:
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