Evergreen Terrace – Almost Home

Ten years in and five albums deep, Evergreen Terrace have continued their blistering combination of melodic hardcore and metal on their latest album, Almost Home. After a disappointing show on Wolfbiker, their last studio effort, which seriously lacked the more melodic aspects of their sound, Evergreen Terrace have gone all out to wipe the slate clean.

Returning to a more hardcore style, Andrew Carey’s screaming vocals tunnel right through your centre, whilst the melodic guitar work and clean vocals from Craig Chaney add a calmer dimension to the album that many others in the genre just wouldn’t be able to pull off. Their melodic side comes to the fore on ‘Hopelessly Hopeless’ and ‘We’re Always Losing Blood’, with the harsh but complimentary sounds of Chaney’s distinct vocals versus Carey’s vehement screams.

‘Enemy Sex’ lines up the album with a familiar Evergreen Terrace sound, with the depth and immense guitar work from Chaney and Joshua James continuing throughout the album. While the addition of some brief guitar solos adds a whole new element to songs such as ‘Almost Home (III)’ and ‘I’m A Bulletproof Tiger’, Kyle Mims’ fantastic drum solo in the outstanding ‘Failure To Operate’ makes a pleasant change from the limelight going to the guitars.

The thing that really stands out most on this album however is the recurring lyrical theme of the band missing their homes whilst on tour. It’s a refreshing change for a melodic hardcore band to open up and show something underneath those tough exteriors. This is an excellent album with everything you look for from melodic hardcore – and then some.

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